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IMPROV Classes 2023-2024


There are no other English speaking year-long courses for the 2023-2024 term.

Follow our social media for updates on intensive and weekend classes!

At the 2023-2024 term we offer one class in English and three classes in Finnish.

All classes at  Lapinlahden Lähde, Lapinlahdenpolku 8, Lapinlahti

Performances in: Olotila, Opastinsilta 10, Pasila



On Mondays 17-19 (5pm-7pm)

—> Content consists of many different areas of theatrical imrovisation, such as comedic improvisation (UCB, iO, clowning influences), dramatic improvisational theater, different improv formats, duo improv and many more! You will also get homework and are expected to commit in the trainign program.

—> Performance possibilities: End of term 2023 and end of term 2024 (performing optional)

—> Previous experience: expected (Former Impro Helsinki classes or other former training and or experience (get in touch if not sure about your experience level)

—> Location can be reached: 10 minute walk from Kamppi, 5 minute walk from Ruoholahti metro station, 5 minute walk from tram number 8.

NOTE: We are concentrating on both comedic and dramatic theatrical improvisation. This training is not for the improvisers who want to do comedy exclusively!


TEACHING SCHEDULE: September 2023 - May 2024 (starting September 4th  4.9. / 5.9. / 6.9.2023 ja lopetus 20.5. / 21.5. /22.5.2024)

No teaching: mid term break (week 42)/ Holiday break (weeks 51-1) / Winter break (week 8) / Easter Monday


Teacher: Kaisa Kokko-Palmer. You can read more about Kaisa here and here.


Amount of students: 12-14

PRICE OF EDUCATION:  132€/ month (106,45€ + VAT 24%). Payment can be made in several deposits (1-9) during the year. Please express your wish of the number of payments when you apply for the training.


ATTENTION! If the course is being paid by a company instead of a private person, the price is 132€/month + VAT 24%


APPLICATIONS: Send an email to improhelsinki (a) gmail. com and tell why you want to take part in the training. Include your name, what you are expecting, what does commitment to the group mean to you, anything else we should know about you, your experience level in theatrical improvisation and if you have any questions. If you are chosen to the training group, your application is binding. This means you are committed to start in the group in September 2023 and will pay for the training as stated above


Send your application in at latest May 10th (10.5.2023) - everyone will be informed by May 15th (15.5.2023)



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