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Past shows include:

Torch Theatre, Phoenix 2018 

Ocean State Improv Festival 2018

Improv Fest Ireland 2018

IMPRO Amsterdam 2019

Helsinki Impro Experience 2019

Turku Impro Festival 2019

Warsaw Improv Festival 2019

Sweden Improfestival 2020

These two improvisors traveled across oceans and met by chance in Ireland in 2016. It was love at first sight, except that Sara is from the United States and Kaisa is from Finland. After quite a journey, they found a way to each other and have been improvising together on and off stage ever since.


Crocodile Paws are thrilled to be able to create and perform together and to share their duo show wherever they are invited to! Sara and Kaisa concentrate on honest reactions & variety of characters. They will dive into the deep end and see where improv will take them.

Future shows include:

More shows coming up after covid-19 situation changes.

Stay safe, everyone!


Photo: Jaana Kemppi

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