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Finnish Improv School (SIO) is an improvisation school in Helsinki offering improvisational theater, directing studies and acting for interested people. The faculty of SIO is Kaisa Kokko (M.Ed., actor, founder, improvisor, teacher) and Sara Palmer (BA, founder, improvisor, coach, storyteller).

The courses of the Improv School proceed logically as five levels (levels 1-5). The courses build in succession, diving deeper into the artform of improvisational theatre. You may join improv school for level 2 in case you have enough of previous experience, levels 3-5 are for studetns who have completed the previous level. e highly recommend starting from the beginning to get the full impact, benefit and philosophy of the school. Additionally, the improv school provides individually themed courses that are available for everyone interested. The course descrpition will mention any requirements for previous experience individually.

Every now and then Improv School Finland will host visiting instructors. We will publish all the information here on our website.

The Improv School Finland offers a systematic, progressive, high-quality impro-teaching that deepens multi-faceted theories of improvisation theater through both practical exercises and seamless theories. The teaching philosophy of the Improv School Finland is based on years of experience and research on the subject. In addition to the European theater tradition and diverse improvisations, the ideology draws from the principles of the Chicago iO Theater, other US flavours and the views of Keith Johnstone and Viola Spolin in the improvisation theater.

Improv School offers a deep-seated and multi-level gate to theater improvisation in the world, which also dives into the elements of dramatic improv - without forgetting the fun. This wonderful artwork is being studied in a safe group. So you can learn to let go of unnecessary control, try new things with greater courage, find an accepance towards others and yourself, forget about self critique, and find joy and positiveness in life - aslo outside the class room.

Where is the Improv School?
Our school is located in the middle of the city, in Töölö. Our address is Lemminkäisenkuja 3 and you can take tram number 1,2 & 8 to get closest. Get of at Apollonkatu stop and walk 3 minutes to the school!

Level 2 students graduation at the spring of 2019.

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Sara Palmer is an experienced improviser from the United States where the artform has taken her across the country and beyond. It was Phoenix, Arizona where she fell in love with the artform while studying at The Torch Theatre where she performed on house teams as well as regular line ups with independent troupes. She was an original member of the Armando house team that performed weekly at Second Beat Theatre in Phoenix. Sara then began incorporating coaching teams and teaching workshops. She also performed live storytelling events throughout Phoenix.

Kaisa Kokko, an improviser, instructor and communication skills teacher, has learned, performed and taught improvised theater for more than 15 years and has more than 20 years of experience in scripted theatre. She has had the pleasure of teaching and performing improv in the United States, Canada, Australia, Peru, Costa Rica and all over Europe. Kaisa has taught improv for kids, teenagers and adults from different fields of life, performs regularly in two different improvisational theaters and has her own musical-duo. She also does a lot work in the field of applied improvisation and communication skills.



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