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Shawn Kinley



Saturday 14.3.2020

 11:00 - 15:00



The IMPRO CLINIC is the class for you. In fact, it is all about you. Using exercises and ideas developed all over the world, we will diagnose what the participants need to work on to push their improvisation skills. Bring your questions, problems issues and inspirations and we will break some of the barriers and open some doors in your work. Previous classes have included a focus on risk-taking in storytelling, connection to your partner, ways to find the fun again in improvisation. Whether it's finding some new tools to use on stage or breaking old habits, the only thing you need to bring is a desire to grow.


65€ (inc. VAT 24%)

55€  for ours current level students (inc. VAT 24%)

At Lemminkäisenkuja 3

No previous experience needed



For 36 years Shawn Kinley has been performing and teaching all over the world. (54 countries at last count). With a background in Mime, Mask, Physical Theatre and Improvisation, Shawn brings a mix of styles and tools from many areas for all skill levels and backgrounds.

He is based in Canada at The Loose Moose Theatre where he performs, directs, teaches and creates when he is not touring 9 months of the year. He worked directly with Keith Johnstone for more than 20 years and has taught in the National Theatres and Operas of Iceland, Norway, Slovenia, Scotland as well as for Scientists in Israel, Technology managers in Dubai, Lawyers in the U.S., Children everywhere and various Universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Tokyo, and more.

His favourite influences are from his students and he often quotes 6-year-old children for their wisdom in the art of improvisation. In 2020 he will open up a school dedicated to Improvisation and related arts.

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