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Keng-Sam Chane Chick Té is an improviser from Reunion Island (French Department) since 2000. He has been teaching and performing improv in many different countries ( Europe, Australia, Japan, Canada, USA ) and festivals such as Improvention in Canberra/Australia last year. When Keng-Sam is not busy traveling, he is producing the FERIIR Festival (International Improv Festival of Reunion), la Nuit de l'Impro, and Oui et même que... which takes place once a year, in National theaters.

Since 2010, he is also the founding member of the company La Bagasse which specifies in long and short-form shows that occurs 4 times a month on Reunion Island.


Known for his bodywork, and his workshop about movement & music in improv scene, he is passionate about the connection between those two tools.


His motivation towards impro is " Be Fast in your mind, but Play slow", and what he loves the most about improv is being true and connected to yourself, your partner and the audience.


Workshop 1


What do you know about yourself that can feed your character? How, when, where and through what prism of thoughts will you be able to get through this line of work?


This class will take you through this journey of character based work, supported by physical and vocal exercises that will build on your instructor Keng-Sam Chane Chick Te's work directing and performing improv all over the world as well as running the FERIIR festival on Reunion Island.


Note that pants you're comfortable moving in and being comformtable with being loud  will be encouraged for this workshop. Bring yourself a water bottle as well.




10.1.2024 (Jan 10th) 17-21

65€ (+ VAT 24% for businesses)

Location TBA

Workshop 2


Search for the urge of your body to be connected to yourself and your partners in order to tell your story. Musicality as a tool to create your character, your content and your connection with the other one.


In this workshop, we will use some techniques from the Laban Movement, created by Rudolph Laban, an hungarian choreographer, who worked on the body as the tool to tell a story, and the variations that we can experience with it. Also from Claudia Notalle, a french clown from France who has explored clowning in a particular way, putting the emphasis on the connection with yourself and among all the audience. What is the power behind one look? What is the story behind each others eyes ?With her motto: "Our body is our best resource to create a story”, we will work on our inner clown.


Why clowning ? Because it is the essence of impro itself, the religion of reaction towards the audience, and for yourself to create a story that comes true to you and the others.



11.1.2024 (Jan 11th) 17-21

65€ (+ VAT 24% for businesses)

Location TBA

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