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Improvisation is a way of doing things. You can improvise theatre, improvise music, improvise the way to get on the other side of the river. It is being in the moment, thinking on your feet, reacting and making choices. At Impro Helsinki we concentrate on theatrical improvisation and firmly believe that everyone can learn the skills of improvisation. These skills go further than the stage or the classroom and for this applying improv to business settings enhances the all around well-being of the company and team.

The unexpected is inevitable. The way we choose to approach it, now that is something we can work with.

Theatrical improvisation uses the core elements of acceptance, co-operation, communication and listening. You may have already noticed, these skills are essential to healthy and creative working environments. Taking these principals and applying them to business settings, we provide possibilities to grow both on an organizational and personal level. In order to do this we offer a wide range of training opportunities to corporations, schools, organizations and theatre groups alike, based on their specific needs.
We believe that an interactive training process creates the highest outcome for the core elements mentioned above alongside supporting and expanding ideas, teamwork and group harmony. Did we mention it is also really fun!

Flexibility is essential in an everchanging world. Improvising gives us the skills to adapt quickly to those changes.

We are an all inclusive company. We celebrate and support diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all.
An openminded perspective breeds empathy and mutual respect. Open communication enables a psychologically safe environment. Feeling safe pushes the fear of failure away. Nonjudgemental attitudes allow everyone to contribute. Feeling accepted leads to greater investment. Being invested empowers connection. Shared experience creates a community.
Send us a message through the contact form below. We'd love to work with you!

Some of the Benefits of impro:

Stress relief

Increased self confidence

Taking yourself less seriously

Gaining tools for fostering group support

Increased work flow

Nonjudgemental approaches

What we learn from failing

Broadening of communication skills

Idea generation

Increase confidence in presentation skills

Listening to support

Igniting creativity

Finding rewards in mistakes

Dynamic of shared experiences

Some of our References:

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